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It's not easy to set foot in the labour market after graduation. IBS is there for its students in counselling them to find the best place to start their working life.

IBS’ Business Network Centre and Career Office aims to continuously maintain, strengthen and further develop our corporate network, involve the business world into our education and get our students and faculty involved in the business world.

The Career Office, which is a part of the Business Network Centre provides different career supporting services for IBS students. At the same time the Career Office assists the students during their years at IBS and beyond so that they can easily integrate themselves into the corporate world.

One of our main goals at the Career Office is to assist students in finding a placement position that meets their interests and where they can synthesise academics with practice.

Career counselling services

One of our main goals at the Career Office is to assist students in finding the placement position that meets their interests and where they can synthesise academics with practice.

We offer assistance in CV writing, motivation letters, career planning and job search. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or problems regarding your job search.

Captain test and career guidance

Self-awareness is often not enough to know our skills or to know which skills we need to improve. However, to study effectively or to find the perfect job, and maintain a successful career, it is crucial that – the sooner the better – we acquire the necessary knowledge and improve our skills.

IBS aims to assist this with the purchase of skills and competency-tests from Captain Hungary Kft., the sole distributor of Captain tests in Hungary, exclusively for IBS students.

We consider this purchase as a 3 million Forint investment into the future and successful career of our students.

The test consists of a CAPTain Analysis and a CAPTain Subjective test, as well as an IQ test. Personal coaching is available for everyone upon completing the tests. The system measures the personality, work-capacity, intellectual capabilities, field of interest and behavioural traits of the test-taker. The resulting report gives an accurate guidance to the student concerning the jobs he/she can succeed in and the fields in which he/she needs to improve in order to remain successful in the chosen company/job.

Based on the test-results, competence-profiles are prepared for each student, who can then analyze their results with trained professionals within the framework of a group discussion. Here a plan is drawn up for competence-development and advice is given on career-choice.

From autumn 2009, Captain testing is part of the standard curriculum for all students. A study evaluating the results and the methodoly was prepared based on the experience of the first few years.

Alumni services online

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