Canteen options

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Hard-working students get hungry and there are several places to grab a bite on the Budapest campus.


IBS' own restaurant is in the basement of our Offices building. It offers at least 10 types of locally cooked lunch options daily with two menu choices, meats, vegetarian foods, sweets and has a salad bar. It's open all weekdays and Saturdays.

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Graphisoft Restaurant

With an amazingly wide-choice of courses, this big self-serving restaurant is relatively cheap. Everyone finds something for his/her taste here.

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This nice garden restaurant is an especially pleasant place to eat in good weather. You can have burgers, quasadillas, soups and chose from daily offers.

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Humus Bar

This bar in Graphisoft Park specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. Have a bite of the Middle East!

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This is Melbourne Too Café

One of the most delicious coffees in town is sold right on campus in this small café.

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Auchan Food court

You can have a quick lunch at the nearby Auchan shopping mall and also do your weekly shopping here. It is open from 6 am to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday. Check it out!